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Google and Project Glass

on Thu May 24, 2018 8:39 pm
To label Mountain View, California-based Google Inc. as a technology innovator is a bit of an understatement. Currently one of the most profitable technology companies of the twenty-first century, Google (NYSE: GOOG), and in particular the company’s X Lab, has earned a reputation for launching Internet-based technologies that make use of their search algorithms for any number of applications. A recent invention that is turning heads (pun intended) is Project Glass—an initiative to develop and distribute a wearable Web browser and streaming camera platform in an average-looking pair of eyeglasses. These glasses are capable of displaying information directly on the inside of both lenses and are designed to be operated with voice commands, displaying the same information that one would normally access on a smartphone or laptop computer.

What do you think the biggest obstacles are to the widespread adoption of this technology? How does communication play a role in whether or not this becomes something that everyone has? From a different perspective, how does the use of this kind of device change the ways in which we communicate?

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