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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

on Thu May 24, 2018 9:57 pm
One of the most popular discussions of human needs is that proposed in 1943 by developmental psychologist Abraham Maslow. In his “theory of human motivation” Maslow was among the first psychologists to suggest that human action is driven in large part by a need to feel self-actualized, that is, to feel as if we are maximizing our potential as individual humans. Such an approach was part of an emerging positive psychology movement that argued that humans are intrinsically motivated beings (they could be generally happy and satisfied without external gratification) but only after satisfying a number of basic psychological needs, including:

  • Physiological needs, such as eating, sleeping, and procreation
  • Safety needs, such as having employment and shelter in order to ensure that their physiological needs are met on a consistent basis
  • Longing and belonging needs, such as having healthy friendships and family connections
  • Esteem needs, such as a sense of confidence and accomplishment as well as the respect of others
  • Self-actualization needs, which represent the highest levels of human motivation such as creativity and spontaneity

Pick an online tool. Where do you see it fitting in to the hierarchy in it's most basic form? What level need does it address? Do you think that the tool can be used to address other, higher level needs as well? How?

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